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Evision Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd.

Evision Semiconductor Technology Co.,Ltd. is a focus on the USB communications and short-range wireless communications design of national high-tech enterprises and Shenzhen double-soft business. The company was established in Shenzhen in 2004, after years of development, established a complete sales and R & D team. Company's existing staff of more than 80 people, of whom more than 40 engineering and technical personnel; business promotion, sales of nearly 10 people. In recent years, with the continuous development of gaming gaming industry, the company has developed a series of input devices around the game design of electronic solutions, has won acclaim from industry vendors, including light-emitting film keyboard, light mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming mouse pad, etc. And other programs in the marketing have good performance, follow-up in the team members work together, there will be a number of more innovative solutions to the market, it is worth looking forward to!

Companies adhere to the market demand-oriented, customer needs as their responsibility, depending on each client as partners, as much as possible to provide customers with the latest market information and the best products and services in order to win and customers win the pursuit of the goal.

company spirit
  • Brave to meet the competition
  • Steady law-abiding business
  • Down-to-earth entrepreneurship
  • Service excellence
  • Based on people-oriented
  • Adhere to the integrity of others
  • Unity and dedication
  • Forever construction spirit
  • Company Culture
Company Culture
  • open up
  • Innovation
  • Realistic
  • Endeavor
Company purpose
  • 01. Create profits for customers
  • 02. Create value for employees
  • 03. Create wealth for society
Business philosophy
  • First-class mechanism
  • First-class management
  • First-class equipment
  • First-class technology
  • First-class products
  • First-class service
  • Keep improving
  • Create perfect
Quality policy
  • customer-focused
  • The entire process of production quality control
  • To provide customers with satisfactory products and services