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  • VS09M17A



The program is aimed at the current hot competitive gaming market, using a high-performance ARM Cotex-M0 32Bit MCU design of a RGB gaming mouse. Full-speed USB communication protocol to meet the competitive speed of the pursuit of the game, support for USB online update program to adapt to the growing PC peripheral market.


USB 2.0 full speed interface, support 1000 report rate

Master IC, excellent processing performance

48Mhz operating frequency

32K Rom program storage space

support system: winXP / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / Android / Apple and other operating systems

Free EEP, using Flash power-down memory

with windows driver software to achieve the full configuration of the device

LED lighting

LED supports 256 level PWM

true full color control, 16 million color settings

support a variety of cool lighting effects

DPI independent indicator